Whenever I go to the zoo, I get really depressed. I can be having a great day and happy as a clam, and then get to the zoo, and feel awful. Why is that?

—Not Having Fun at the Zoo (United States)


You’re probably very sensitive to energy. Before I learned how to protect my energy, I too would get extremely depressed at the zoo because I would pick up on the energy of the animals, many of whom were bored and depressed.

Try imagining energy roses on all sides of you and allow the roses to absorb external energy rather than having your body absorb it. When the roses get full of depressed or other energies, explode them and create fresh new roses around you. Repeat as needed.

Also, consider visiting and supporting places that treat animals well and that give them plenty of space, preferably in their natural habitat. One animal sanctuary I love if you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, is PreetiRang (http://www.preetirangsanctuary.org).

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