How can you tell if a woman is interested in you as just a friend or romantically?

—Shy Guy (United States)


That’s a great question as sometimes discerning the difference can be very subtle, and can vary from person to person, and sometimes according to someone’s cultural, family, and religious backgrounds.

If you can, notice how the woman you’re interested in treats the people around her—both male and female, friends and close friends. If she is generally a friendly and extroverted person, it may be a little more difficult to tell but you can still look for little cues. If she is shy or more introverted, maybe she blushes more or seems more nervous or even may clam up. If she is extroverted, does she tend to touch you more than she does her other friends (both male and female)? Or maybe she’ll reach out more to you or ask you to call her or text you a lot just to say hi. You can also scope out if she’s seeing someone by asking her things like how was her weekend.

If she seems open, maybe ultimately you need to just follow your heart and make your interest known by making a romantic gesture like giving her flowers or inviting her on a date, stating, “I’d love to take you on a date,” so there’s no misunderstanding. Even if she is interested in being platonic friends only, she’ll respect you for putting yourself out there and expressing your feelings and you can stand tall with pride for being a man with the courage to follow and express his heart.

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