I liked your response yesterday to the person who was asking about how to communicate with dogs. I am a cat lover. Would you recommend the same thing for communicating with cats?

–Cat lover (United States)


The techniques are basically the same for communicating with cats as with dogs, so you can use the techniques I mentioned in yesterday’s response. The main difference is that, when you’re communicating with cats, play with communicating and sending pictures more from your crown chakra (at the crown of your head) to their crown chakra (located at the crown of their head).

Also one interesting fact about cats is that they are excellent at holding space. Basically that means that they are very good at cleaning the energy of a space like a home or business and at holding the vibration of certain spaces.

Have fun communicating with your cat.


DEAR DALI MAMA: I have seen animal communicators on TV. How do I communicate better with my dog?

–Not Versed in Doggie Language (Canada)


Start practicing and do it all the time. You’ll get better over time and your dog will surely appreciate the effort. Trust the hits you get as far as communication your dog gives you.

Also, with dogs, it’s important to communicate from your heart and from the fourth chakra (center of the chest near the physical heart) as well as the fifth chakra (which is located in the throat). Also, practice communicating with mental pictures, not just with words. For example, if you’re trying to communicate to your dog you will be out of town for three nights and the dogsitter will come to the house, transmit from your mind a visual picture of you leaving with a suitcase, the dogsitter coming to the house and staying there, with the sun and moon for three cycles, then you driving up to the house and coming in and petting your dog.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the love vibration of communicating with your dog. Dogs are experts on love!

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