My office manager who hates me gave each of us a holiday gift, including me. The gifts are all the same except for the color. I feel very yucky energy on the leather portfolio she gave me. Is this possible? And what do I do about it?

–Sensitive Office Drone (United States)


Yes, it is possible for objects to carry negative energies, including resentment, especially when they are gifts given out of obligation and not love.

Sometimes even a recipient who wants to give you something out of love can inadvertently give you something with challenging energies. For example, someone who loves you may search far and wide for that “perfect” gift, and may give you a gift full of love, perfectionism (worry that is it not the perfect gift), insecurity, fear (fear that you won’t like the gift), and other energies.

You can neutralize the energies you don’t want to keep by simply receiving the gift in love despite any difficult energies that came with the gift.

You might also want to imagine putting a grounding cord on the leather portfolio, releasing any resentment and ill will (on either side of the relationship) and any other energies that no longer serve you or the relationship. Then, intend to set the energy of the portfolio to support and delight you and to help you in your career. At this point, you can meditate and see how you feel and decide whether you want to keep the portfolio or get rid of it.

If you do get rid of it, just donate it to your favorite nonprofit with love and good wishes for the perfect person who can enjoy a wonderful new leather portfolio.

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