Right now I feel there is no meaning to my existing on this planet. I realise I am suffering from depression. I’d rather not take medication but bring myself out of it. How can you come out of it and start feeling joyous about life again, despite your external circumstances?

—Depressed (Sweden)



First of all, if you feel depressed to the point of feeling like you seriously want to end things, please call emergency services or your doctor right away. Although I myself am not a big fan of certain medications, in extreme circumstances, we may need it till things balance themselves out to a safe level.

You can’t always change your external circumstances right away, but you can change the way you respond to those circumstances and you can train yourself to have more joy and gratitude. Start noticing all the small things you have to feel joyful about—a rainbow in the sky, the color of the blooms of a flower you walk by, or having your dog lick you, for example. The more you start to notice how many little things you have to feel joyous about, the more you will notice the blessings big and small in your life, and the more you may even attract more blessings.

You may even want to start volunteering for a cause you believe in. For example, if you love animals, there are tons of animals at humane societies that need some attention or walking or petting. Perhaps you are the one who can start giving more meaning to your existence. Your being on the planet is in itself a huge miracle and gift, but you can use your time and energy to add even more meaning and contribute to the world being a better place in any way you choose.

Thank you, my friend. Wishing you much joy.

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