Right now I feel there is no meaning to my existing on this planet. I realise I am suffering from depression. I’d rather not take medication but bring myself out of it. How can you come out of it and start feeling joyous about life again, despite your external circumstances?

—Depressed (Sweden)



First of all, if you feel depressed to the point of feeling like you seriously want to end things, please call emergency services or your doctor right away. Although I myself am not a big fan of certain medications, in extreme circumstances, we may need it till things balance themselves out to a safe level.

You can’t always change your external circumstances right away, but you can change the way you respond to those circumstances and you can train yourself to have more joy and gratitude. Start noticing all the small things you have to feel joyful about—a rainbow in the sky, the color of the blooms of a flower you walk by, or having your dog lick you, for example. The more you start to notice how many little things you have to feel joyous about, the more you will notice the blessings big and small in your life, and the more you may even attract more blessings.

You may even want to start volunteering for a cause you believe in. For example, if you love animals, there are tons of animals at humane societies that need some attention or walking or petting. Perhaps you are the one who can start giving more meaning to your existence. Your being on the planet is in itself a huge miracle and gift, but you can use your time and energy to add even more meaning and contribute to the world being a better place in any way you choose.

Thank you, my friend. Wishing you much joy.



I have a very big problem. I have a baby and I don’t even like her. I feel so strange and I can’t even talk to anyone about this. What is wrong with me?

–Not a Natural Woman (United States)


Please speak to your doctor immediately and your partner or family if you have one. Many women experience post-partum depression, which affects their ability to bond with their baby. Sometimes certain operations can temporarily disrupt the bonding process with your baby as well.

If you feel at all like you want to hurt your baby, please let someone you trust know right away—your parents, your partner, your doctor, your clergy, etc., and find someone who can take care of the baby until you feel like you can handle this safely.

If, however, you and your doctor and partner feel you can safely take care of this baby, there are some things you can do to develop a bond with her.

Sometimes past-life dynamics can affect a relationship between a mother and a child. Practice gently holding your baby and just being love, letting love emanate from your center through your aura layers and out your arms and hands as you hold your daughter. Let the love flow through you to everything and everyone around you, including your baby.

Also practice holding your baby, looking upon her face and her eyes with love, and giving her lots of love with the intention of also giving yourself love as you express that love to her.

Kudos on taking steps to strengthen this important relationship in your life, which is the first step to being a great parent.




I am addicted to sugar. It’s as bad as if I were an alcoholic, only sugar is my poison—pastries, ice cream, straight sugar, you name it. What causes this and how do I get this bitter/sweet monkey off my back?

–Tweaking (United States)


You are exactly right that sugar can be just as much an addiction as alcohol. Or drugs or anything for that matter.

You might have to go off sugar totally for a few weeks—pastries, ice cream, sodas, fruit juice, and maybe even high-glycemic stuff such as pasta and rice. You might even be one of those people that pretty much needs to go off certain sugary foods for good in order to control your consumption of sugars. You’ll have to experiment with that. The first couple weeks, you might go into major withdrawal.

Try to recognize triggers that make you want to eat sugar and substitute healthy activities into your life instead—eating protein such as raw almonds or going for a walk. Sometimes stress or sadness or other emotions may make you want to eat sugar. Sugar, like alcohol or drugs, tends to pop you out of the body, temporarily making it easier to “deal” with whatever you’re avoiding by popping you out of the emotional or psychic pain you’re trying to escape from, consciously or not. However, those energies never really get dealt with if you pop out through sugar or other substances so kudos on really dealing with this so you can get to the root of the issue.

Talk to your doctor or nutritionist for specific suggestions tailored to your individual health needs. Congratulations on making this positive change to support your optimal health!





Why am I sometimes so klutzy and sometimes not? It’s weird.

–Semi-Klutz (United States)


Consult with your doctor and make sure there isn’t a medical cause for this.

Barring any medical issues, sometimes we can be very grounded and graceful—fully inhabiting our body, present in the moment on the physical plane, etc. Sometimes we can float around, mostly out of our body, which is when limbs tend to go akimbo and cracks in the sidewalk appear under our feet, and we start stumbling over things.

The more you can focus on being grounded and fully in your body, the less klutzy you will be.

Play with that and see!




I am 36 years old and have a new boyfriend after having been single for a few years. I find intercourse painful every time and wonder what suggestions you might have. I almost want to give up dating but maybe there is another way.

–Embarrassed (England)


Please continue dating. There is no reason this has to keep you from being in a relationship.

Keep communicating with your boyfriend. If he’s the one for you, he’ll understand and work through this with you.

First of all, talk to your doctor or health-care professional to ensure there’s not a physical issue that needs to be addressed. There are a number of possible medical causes for this, so talk to your doctor about possible causes and solutions.

If there are no particular medical conditions, start by experimenting with the following:

1)    Be sure to use condoms and practice safe sex.

2)    Engage in lots of foreplay and wait till you feel completely comfortable and turned on before penetration, and use plenty of lubricant.

3)    When you’re not sexually active and your hormone levels could be changing, it may help to keep everything nicely elastic on your own while you’re single. It’s generally easier to keep things maintained through regular sex (including with yourself even when you are not with a partner). However, you can still get your body used to accommodating something inside of you with yourself or with your partner, perhaps starting with something smaller like maybe a finger, then two, etc. Medical vaginal dilator kits are also available, and you can go up in size gradually, getting your body used to accommodating something inside of you until you can physically enjoy intercourse with your new boyfriend without discomfort.

On an energetic level, release any fear or blocks about intimacy and any energy that doesn’t serve you between you and your partner as well as any fears about being vulnerable or getting hurt. Then reset your sexual space to comfort and ease and pleasure.

Enjoy the journey!




I have very low energy. What do you recommend?

–Tired (Canada)


First of all, check with your doctor to make sure there’s nothing going on physically that needs to be addressed.

In addition to avoiding the usual suspects (sugar, excess caffeine, etc.), you might want to try calling your energy back in its divine neutral form from every place you’ve left it (with other people, your workplace, projects, various places, the past, the future, etc.) and fill yourself (your body and your aura layers, the layers of energy surrounding your physical body) with your energy in its divine neutral form. It can be amazing how much of our energy we’ve got scattered all over the place and how different we can feel when we’ve reclaimed it for ourselves.

Also, make sure to give your body enough exercise every day. Even when you feel too tired, if you can manage to get your body moving for even half an hour or an hour every day, you’ll start to feel more and more energetic.

Have fun playing with that!

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