I have been going out with a new guy for 9 months. Sometimes I get so jealous, I feel a little crazy. What is going on? I’m not usually a jealous girl.

–Borderline (United States)


In this particular situation, it looks like there are some past-life dynamics going on. However, it is also an opportunity for you to work through the triggers that make you jealous and to release any areas of insecurity about yourself.

Start by paying attention to insecurities you have about yourself, or any ideas that you are not enough for whatever reason. For example, if you get jealous when you see someone who is vivacious and charming, notice if you are not allowing your inner sparkle and sense of humor to show. Then consciously start allowing yourself to show more of your own charm and sparkle without feeling like you are competing with anyone else. It is not about anyone else—it is more about how you feel about yourself.

Play with this and see what happens as you release any insecurities and let more and more of your inner light to shine.

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I just started dating someone and my dog, who usually likes everybody, really hates my new boyfriend. She starts growling and barking at him. I’ve never seen her react like that to anyone else. Should I find a dog trainer? What should I do?

–Wondering What’s Going On (Australia)


If your dog never acts like this with anyone else, pay attention. If your dog has seen you with other boyfriends and has not acted aggressively, she is probably trying to tell you something. If she has never seen you with a boyfriend before, she might just be protective or even jealous. Sit down and try to communicate with your dog about what she is trying to tell you. Notice, too, if there are particular times she barks at your boyfriend. Notice also how your boyfriend treats your dog. She might be trying to alert you to various energies coming through him that you’re not aware of. Or she may be trying to let you know something about your boyfriend in general.

I wouldn’t worry about a dog trainer just yet but keep an eye on how things are going and call one if you need to. 

Thank your dog for her communication. Most of all, though, pay attention to your own intuition and your own knowingness in response to your boyfriend.

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