I am an engineer but have been unemployed. I got offered a great job but it is in a different state where I know no one. It is difficult for me to make friends but I finally know a lot of nice folks in my current city. What do you recommend?

–Looking to Get Back on the Gravy Train (United States)


If the job you have been offered is good and you’ve been looking for a long time and the town you’d move to seems livable, don’t let the fear of not being able to meet people stop you from taking the job.

You managed to get to know lots of nice folks where you live now so you can do it again in your new home. Plus you’ll still be able to keep in touch easily with your current friends, thanks to the Internet and reasonably priced airfare.

If you do take the job, start looking into clubs or organizations in the new location. Check into places such as, where you can hook up with people with similar interests and have the opportunity to meet new friends.

Congratulations on this new opportunity.


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