How do I get financially stable?

—Wanting the Good Life (United States)


There are some great resources out there. Google “Oprah’s debt diet” and “Suze Orman.” Your local library will probably have Orman’s books as well as other good financial resources. Sometimes different cities and organization will offer low-cost or free financial counseling as well, so check into what’s available in your particular area.

In addition to that, start eliminating any unnecessary expenses. You might want to write down every penny you spend for a month so you can see where your money is leaking.

Also, spend time recognizing the value of all the things in your life that are free or that you already have and thank those items you own and the friends and loved ones in your life. Once you become more conscious of what you already have, you may find you have less desire for new things. You might also discover that in many ways, you’re already living the good life!!!



I have so much debt I don’t know what to do. I feel like no matter what I do, I’ll never escape from it and that there’s almost no point to even trying.

–Less than Penniless (United States)


Congratulations on looking at this issue so that you can turn around your financial situation.

There are some great (and free) tools you can get online, including from Oprah’s debt diet. Check out Suze Orman is another great source.

On an energetic level, debt is the equivalent of how you are going against yourself or how you are not supporting yourself. For example, if you are buying presents for other people (or unnecessary items for yourself), that is going against yourself and/or giving to others instead of giving yourself a sound financial support system.

Start paying attention to each purchase and ask yourself if it truly supports you (paying for healthy groceries or tuition, for example, are ways of truly supporting yourself). If it doesn’t truly support you, think about forgoing that particular expenditure.

Also, with each expenditure, ask yourself if you are spending that money from a space of wholeness (consciously spending money on an affordable gym membership you’ll use everyday might be one example) or from a space of fear or feeling not enough (for example, buying an outfit so other people don’t look down on you or so you won’t be “alone”). Play with consciously using every outgoing penny only on what truly supports you and your long-term vision of your life if you like.

Have fun and enjoy your new conscious prosperity.


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