Sometimes when I get together with people (even people that I like), I tend to take on their energy and feel drained or heavy. How do I handle my energy so I don’t take on other people’s stuff?

–S.L. (United States)



That’s very common, especially for people sensitive to energy, to take on other people’s energies inadvertently. One great way you can protect your energy is to imagine putting energetic boundary roses on each side of you (and above and below you). Each morning, put a fresh set of energetic roses around you and let any energy from other people be absorbed into the roses so that the roses absorb the energy, not you. When the roses get full of energy, you can imagine exploding them and creating a brand-new set of roses. You can even do that when you’re on the phone by putting a rose between you and the phone, or between you and the computer when you’re working on the computer.

Play with that and see how you feel. Have fun!

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