I hate going to parties but feel bad if I skip them. My good friend’s big 50th birthday party is coming up and I know there will be a huge crowd and I just can’t deal. Do I have to go?

–Outskirter (Canda)


I think you don’t HAVE to do most things in life. If you are not comfortable at parties, perhaps you could instead take your friend to a quiet lunch together or make him/her lunch or dinner at your home. That way, you can celebrate this special birthday with your friend while not subjecting yourself to a large gathering in which you don’t feel comfortable.

If you do choose to go to the party, or any party or large gathering for that matter, one thing you can do is to help yourself manage the energy. Many sensitive people get overwhelmed with energy in large crowds. One thing you can do is to imagine putting large energetic roses on each side of you (and above you and below you) and to allow those roses to absorb all the energy that’s coming at you while allowing in only energies that you want in a more filtered, neutral form. And set the intention to go to any party for your optimal fun and enjoyment.

Play with that next time you go to a gathering or go out in public and see if that helps.

Whatever you choose to do, have fun!





I am a busy psychotherapist with a thriving practice and many clients but, over the years, I find I am feeling less and less well over time. After a full day of sessions, I sometimes have a throbbing headache and my body is sore like I have the flu but I’m not really sick. Sometimes I even feel nauseous. Usually by Sunday evening, I’m feeling okay again but then the whole cycle starts again the next week. Is there a spiritual or energetic cause for this?

–Trying to Keep on Keeping on (Canada)


This is actually a very common experience. Start by consulting your doctor to doublecheck that there are no physical causes for these symptoms.

Next, start taking care of your energy. Psychotherapists and other wellness providers (including caretakers, teachers, parents, or anyone that works deeply with people and/or with large groups of people) often pick up energy from the people they’re working with, resulting in physical symptoms and discomfort. When you’re sensitive to energy, this can be even more exacerbated.

You can take better care of your energy through the following steps:

  • Ground and run your energy regularly (email with “SEND FREE MEDITATION EXERCISES” in the subject line if you don’t know how to do this and would like to learn).
  • When starting each day, imagine creating fresh boundary roses on all sides of you (in front, back, on the sides, and above and below you) and allow the roses to absorb any energies from clients and other people, instead of you absorbing them into your body or your aura layers surrounding your body. When the roses get full of energies you don’t want, you can imagine exploding them and creating a brand-new set.
  • Make sure you take good care of yourself always, getting adequate sleep and exercise, and taking time to do what feeds your joy and your spirit.

Have fun taking great care of yourself, just as you do as you’re caring for others.

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Sometimes when I get together with people (even people that I like), I tend to take on their energy and feel drained or heavy. How do I handle my energy so I don’t take on other people’s stuff?

–S.L. (United States)



That’s very common, especially for people sensitive to energy, to take on other people’s energies inadvertently. One great way you can protect your energy is to imagine putting energetic boundary roses on each side of you (and above and below you). Each morning, put a fresh set of energetic roses around you and let any energy from other people be absorbed into the roses so that the roses absorb the energy, not you. When the roses get full of energy, you can imagine exploding them and creating a brand-new set of roses. You can even do that when you’re on the phone by putting a rose between you and the phone, or between you and the computer when you’re working on the computer.

Play with that and see how you feel. Have fun!

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