What do you suggest for not getting sick during this cold and flu season?

–Healthy and Wanting to Stay that Way (United States)


In addition to the basics you know such as washing your hands, vitamin C, etc., here are some energetic tips that can help support your health so you don’t catch a cold or any other bugs going around:

1)    Ground and run your energy regularly (email if you want a free recording of grounding exercises).

2)    Be sure to fill in with your wholeness and health and a strong immune system and fresh new life force anytime you release any energy. Sometimes when people release energy after getting a healing or simply moving a lot of energy but don’t fill in afterwards with the energy they want, that can leave them more open to catching a cold.

3)    When you’re with a person who is sick, don’t resist their cold or the germs. Simply be in your health. When you resist catching a cold from someone, your energy will tend to match the vibration of that illness, making you more prone to actually catching a cold.

Oh, and I love a dropper full of colloidal silver every now and again if I feel like I’m fighting something. It seems to work for me really well as long as I take it the moment I’m starting to drag a bit.

Happy health!

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