Do you believe in soulmates?

–Wondering if They Really Exist  (United States)


Yes, soulmates do exist and are not some mythical idea. However, many people ask to meet their soulmate but do not understand what a soulmate is and may not even recognize them when they show up in their life. Also, a person does not have just one soulmate but a number of them.

Often people have a misconception that meeting their soulmate means happily ever after, no more work involved in relationships or love. Often, however, we have a soul agreement with our soulmate to hold mirrors up for each other, reflecting to each other the energies that no longer serve us (including those energies we’ve been running away from all our lives and are terrified of looking at)—the energies that we must release to become more of our true authentic selves. Some soulmates stay together and have very deep and profound love for each other but it takes commitment, constant growth, honesty, and a lot of hard work. Some don’t stay together, but simply catalyze a huge energetic shift then leave because it is very intense to constantly be doing this kind of deep work long term and examining of all the stuff we need to change, as you can imagine.

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