We canceled and got three new credit cards over the last couple months, due to security breaches.  Since then, and particularly over the last week, two of our newly issued cards were compromised.  I can’t help but wonder if there is something funky going on energetically to make this happen, and so many times.  It seems like too much too often to be simply coincidental.  Is there anything we could do/not do to protect ourselves from financial and identity fraud? Thank you.

–Enough of This (United States)


Start by contacting your banks and your credit-card companies requesting more secure credit-card technology. Other countries already have more secure credit-card systems using chips, for example, so the technology does exist already–it just needs to be adopted in the States. The more consumers demand this technology, the quicker it’ll be adopted.

On an energetic level, two things are probably going on:

1)    You might be getting a warning from the universe now to pay more attention to your money and security-related issues, and also to get a chance to look at what are really the most important things in your life so you don’t have to undergo anything more extreme.

2)    Pay attention too to where you are losing your own identity—forgetting what is most important to you as an individual, not spending time on your own true passions, constantly sacrificing yourself and your own needs for family or friends or work. Own and reclaim your true identity for yourself so no one else can take it. And as you’re owning and rediscovering yourself, also validate and have your worth just for you!

Enjoy the process!

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