Do you think astrology really works?

–Skeptical (New Zealand)


I do indeed. I too used to be skeptical before I researched astrology. Before, to me, astrology was just those 3-sentence bits you’d read in the newspaper for each sign. I tried it out, though, to see. I was blown away by how accurate my astrologer was. She knew very specific things, including timeframes of certain key events, solely from my chart.  Of course, it depends on the expertise of your astrologer as well as your compatibility with your astrologer to some extent.  

Keep in mind, however, that astrology is your tool, not your master. Your astrological chart does not definitively dictate your entire life. There is always free will and if you don’t like the energy of a situation that you’re in or that you’re headed towards, you can always shift the energy. 

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