I have for a while been having disrupted sleep. I have to go to bed really early as I know I will be woken up at least twice by upsetting or scary dreams that keep me up for an hour or so each time.

Is it beings (lost spirits) trying to scare me as I have heard this is possible? And if so, can I do anything before I sleep to safeguard myself and stop this from happening?

–T.W. (Brazil)


Part of the reason you are having disrupted sleep might be that things have been super intense on the astral level (as well as on the planet) lately.

Set your space before you go to sleep, imagining putting boundary roses on each of the walls of your space and on the ceiling and floor. And fill your room with rest, relaxation, safety, and security.

Sometimes beings do try to mess with people to scare them. For this particular level of activity, try asking them what they want. Have your certainty and neutrality as you’re communicating with them. Usually they will either communicate with you or leave you alone if you’re not afraid of them. 

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