I’ve had two miscarriages and am heartbroken. What is happening spiritually?

–Wanting so Badly to Be a Mother (New Zealand)


I feel for you, love. Sometimes a baby’s spirit has to come into the physical once or more for a pregnancy or two before being able to make it through the whole birth process. Sometimes this is to help the mother release any grief or other energies she needs to let go of so she can carry the baby in a higher vibration during the pregnancy. So be heartbroken for as long as you want and just keep releasing any grief and other old energies that need to go to make room for a new vibration.

Often, but not always, it is the same baby spirit coming in that was miscarried that comes back again and goes through the full-term pregnancy and birth with you later on.

Sometimes, too, a baby’s spirit just wants to be with you in the physical even for that short blessed time together.

In either case, validate that time you had together even if it wasn’t for as long as you had hoped.

Praying for love and peace and for whatever your spirit wishes.

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