I had a healing with this shaman and I’ve felt really awful since then. What’s going on?

–Feeling Worse than Before (Brazil)


Sometimes when someone gives you a “healing” but the energy isn’t really clean or the healer isn’t truly aware of what’s happening with the energies, sometimes you could be affected by foreign energies or your etheric body may be damaged and you may feel worse than you did before the healing.

Sometimes, however, a person may feel worse after a wonderful healing for a period of time, usually immediately after to a few days or longer. We call this a “growth period,” a period of time during which you continue to release the old energies that needed to go while your body integrates the new shifts in energies.  The most intense part of the growth period is usually no longer than a week or so, but a milder form of the growth period may continue months.

For example, if you released grief during the healing, you may feel more emotional or raw. If you released anger, you might feel irritable for a while. Some people experience growth periods as a time where they feel spacy or tired or wired and agitated. If you’re experiencing a growth period, just keep validating the healing process and stay neutral to the energies you’re releasing. If you resist them, they tend to get stuck again.

If you feel that you’re not in a growth period but actually had some energetic damage done to you, please see a reputable healer that you trust who can help repair any damage.

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