What do you recommend for training dogs? I’m thinking about getting a dog but I’ve never had a dog before.

–Puppy Lover (United States)


Congratulations for thinking about this BEFORE getting a dog. How you set the tone and provide a good foundation for a long life together with your dog is essential.

Once you establish a relationship with your dog and train your dog properly, you might even want to consider getting a second dog if, for example, the dog would be alone during the daytime while you’re at work. That way, your dog would have a pal to hang out with while you’re at work.

First, research what kind of dog you want to get so you can ensure that you can pick a dog that is a good match for you. Some dogs need tons of exercise, which is great if you’re an avid hiker or walker but not so great if you aren’t.

Next, check out Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer. He has a show and books and DVDs.

Also, communicate with your dog’s spirit and be consistent and communicate in psychic pictures as much as possible in a vibration of love and certainty.

Wishing you a wonderful life with your dog, who is very lucky to be with someone like you.

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