I meditate and do my best to stay grounded everyday, but I feel like I am doggy paddling through the day. I also have been hitting waves of numbness… I wonder if this is because I am popping out of my body or if I am releasing all that needs to release with all the new energies we are encountering on the planet. The question is (or maybe this is the second question?) How do I get everything done that needs to get done and keep my sanity and health?

–Wondering (United States)


Looking at the energy, I see you are both occasionally popping out as well as releasing a lot of the numbness that kept you from feeling the energies that weren’t yours that you are letting go of now so you can really feel all of your own feelings that will help you proceed forward on your spirit’s true path.

As far as getting things done, create space outside of your aura layers for the energies you are releasing while staying grounded. Just notice and say hello to the eneriges you’re releasing that aren’t yours, but don’t resist them or give any energy to the energies you’re letting go of. Just have all of your energy for yourself, your health, and your balanced self and have your energy for what you want that you are in the process of creating,

In addition, keep validating each little step that you complete towards your end goal and that will help the energies flow more smoothly to keep supporting you.

Also create extra time and space to rest and relax and spend time alone so you can benefit fully from these changes that are happening while continuing to make space for yourself to integrate all of these new energies.


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