How can I deal with nepotism on the job? One of my co-workers, the owner’s son, deserves to be let go but he knows he’ll never be fired. He’s even said so. He always leaves work behind for the rest of us to finish (it’s a small company with a small staff) and is very sloppy in the work he does do, creating problems for all of us and for the company. He is very passive-aggressive and it’s extremely aggravating. How can we deal with this problem?

–Aggravated (United States)


Do the best you can at your job and pay attention to how much (if anything) the owner is actually willing to hear about his/her son or the situation before speaking to him/her, if you even decide to. As far as the son, tread lightly as well and pay attention to how the son might draw his parent into work dramas and use his position to alienate any co-workers who refuse to enable his behavior.

I can imagine that this is a very frustrating situation. Try, however, to be neutral and perhaps even amused at the comedy inherent in the situation—this will make it easier to shift the energies.

In your particular case, I suggest you notice any energetic matches you have with the owner. For example, what choices are you making in your own life that go against your best interests? For example, think about people you try to help in your own life or include who are actually working against you or your interests in some way or who simply don’t care about your needs or wants. Also consider if there are any areas in your life that you haven’t paid attention to—thinking about or even knowing what some of your own needs are, any areas in which you’re doing the lion’s share of work or responsibilities in your personal life as well as professional life, etc. Then intend to reset the energies of your life (career, family, friendships, etc.) to support you in your wholeness and divinity.

Enjoy shifting the energy and noticing what happens as you do so.

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