I am addicted to sugar. It’s as bad as if I were an alcoholic, only sugar is my poison—pastries, ice cream, straight sugar, you name it. What causes this and how do I get this bitter/sweet monkey off my back?

–Tweaking (United States)


You are exactly right that sugar can be just as much an addiction as alcohol. Or drugs or anything for that matter.

You might have to go off sugar totally for a few weeks—pastries, ice cream, sodas, fruit juice, and maybe even high-glycemic stuff such as pasta and rice. You might even be one of those people that pretty much needs to go off certain sugary foods for good in order to control your consumption of sugars. You’ll have to experiment with that. The first couple weeks, you might go into major withdrawal.

Try to recognize triggers that make you want to eat sugar and substitute healthy activities into your life instead—eating protein such as raw almonds or going for a walk. Sometimes stress or sadness or other emotions may make you want to eat sugar. Sugar, like alcohol or drugs, tends to pop you out of the body, temporarily making it easier to “deal” with whatever you’re avoiding by popping you out of the emotional or psychic pain you’re trying to escape from, consciously or not. However, those energies never really get dealt with if you pop out through sugar or other substances so kudos on really dealing with this so you can get to the root of the issue.

Talk to your doctor or nutritionist for specific suggestions tailored to your individual health needs. Congratulations on making this positive change to support your optimal health!



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