I have a very big problem. I have a baby and I don’t even like her. I feel so strange and I can’t even talk to anyone about this. What is wrong with me?

–Not a Natural Woman (United States)


Please speak to your doctor immediately and your partner or family if you have one. Many women experience post-partum depression, which affects their ability to bond with their baby. Sometimes certain operations can temporarily disrupt the bonding process with your baby as well.

If you feel at all like you want to hurt your baby, please let someone you trust know right away—your parents, your partner, your doctor, your clergy, etc., and find someone who can take care of the baby until you feel like you can handle this safely.

If, however, you and your doctor and partner feel you can safely take care of this baby, there are some things you can do to develop a bond with her.

Sometimes past-life dynamics can affect a relationship between a mother and a child. Practice gently holding your baby and just being love, letting love emanate from your center through your aura layers and out your arms and hands as you hold your daughter. Let the love flow through you to everything and everyone around you, including your baby.

Also practice holding your baby, looking upon her face and her eyes with love, and giving her lots of love with the intention of also giving yourself love as you express that love to her.

Kudos on taking steps to strengthen this important relationship in your life, which is the first step to being a great parent.


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