I think I am a pretty creative person. I have a lot of great ideas for creative projects (books, movies, paintings, stuff around the house), but I never seem to get anywhere although I have a bunch of things I’ve started but not completed. How do I get to the next stage?

–Expert at Starting but not Finishing (United States)


Well, the great thing is you have the most difficult piece covered—having a lot of creative ideas.

Maybe you could pick two small projects and finish them to give you a boost in confidence in your ability to complete them. Later, if you’re a person that fares better with multiple projects going on, you can have one small project and one longer-term project going on at the same time. And even with the larger project, you can break it into smaller, more manageable segments (like having a goal to finish three pages a day or a chapter a week).

Also, ground yourself (email to request a free exercise on grounding) and ground your creative space as well (both the physical space you work in as well as the energetic space of each project).

Notice too any anxiety or fear that comes up as you imagine having all your projects complete and let all of those fears go.


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