Why do people always want me to be their assistant instead of promoting me or giving me higher-level jobs?

—Stunted in My Career (United States)


Haha. Well, there are a number of possible reasons for this. One possibility might be that you are too phenomenal at your job and your bosses have the smarts to recognize this and are unwilling to let you move into another position. Put together a list of your qualifications and a list of what you’ve done for the company as well as reasons you’d be ideal for other positions, then have a talk with your supervisor. Let him/her know that you are excited about using your skills in an expanded arena, and ask about what you need to do to secure a position you’d like (and have some specific open positions in mind).

If your supervisor is not open to the idea of you being promoted to another position, ask what their reservations are as far as you moving into another position. If they really need you to keep doing one particular aspect of your current job, perhaps you could negotiate to keep doing that specific part of your job for them while undertaking a new position. There are many ways to make it a win-win situation for everyone. Have fun exploring!

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