For most of my life I have been in an awful energetic state, bombarded with negativity. This thankfully changed recently but I’m used to looking for good energies/love/happiness to be provided for me from outside of myself. How do I help my mind catch up to the fact that I have A grade energy now and that I no longer need the outside “positive vibes.” How do I tap into this A grade energy to enjoy for myself?

—Confused (Norway)



Congratulations on the recent change of your energetic state. Learning to tap into your positive energy will take commitment on your part as far as strengthening the habit of enjoying this positive energy for yourself. Whenever you catch yourself looking for things outside of yourself (whether love or good energies or happiness), say hello and validate those good energies inside of yourself. Validate the love you have inside of you, validate that you are made of love, and practice loving yourself completely and unconditionally, for example.

You can change your outward behavior accordingly as well. For example, if you think you need to buy a nice outfit to look nice, take a look inside your closet and see what you already have and pull it out and experiment with a new way to enjoy it or pair it with a different pair of shoes that you already have to give it a fresh feel. Or even better, just look in the mirror and admire the beauty staring back at you!!!

Also, even as you enjoy your own positive energy, choose friends and others to be around who mirror and support that positive energy rather than people who tend to pull you down with negative habits like gossiping or putting others down. Be around people who reflect joy and light and see how much merriment and good in the world you can make together.



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