Do you have any energetic tips on how to get rid of clutter?

–Borderline Hoarder (United States)


You’re taking the first step, asking about how to get rid of clutter, which is great.

For the next step, ground the energy of your home and all the objects in your home. You can do this by imagining a big grounding cord going from the foundation of your home, draining any energy that is not yours and no longer for your highest good into the center of the earth, where that energy will be neutralized.

Sometimes, the energy in each object makes it difficult to part with, whether that’s the energy of the person who gave it to you with love, the love itself in the object, or the energy of lack or guilt that makes it hard to get rid of. For example, “Oh, I spent so much on this that I shouldn’t get rid of it” or “Oh that person will feel bad if I give this away.” As you’re getting rid of each object, you can validate it for what it did for you, then release it to go make someone else happy in the world.

Also, notice what each object you have difficulty letting go of represents to you. If it represents the love from the giver of that object, have that love inside of you and let its physical representation go. You have that love always and you don’t need the object itself anymore.

Have fun making space for yourself and creating a home that supports you and provides you with peace and ease.

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