I don’t know how to cook but a potential boyfriend is coming over and I’d really like to make something special for him.

–Newbie (United States)


Since you’re just learning, start with something simple and delicious. Maybe a nice hearty soup. You can do vegetable or chicken broth (I love the Better Than Bouillon brand, which has veggie broth, mushroom broth, chicken broth, and other flavors), boil the broth and throw some refrigerated tortellini in with some nice veggies (maybe carrots and spinach) and boil it for the time recommended on the packaging. Maybe get some packaged salad from the grocery store and a bottle of salad dressing, some delicious bread, and some fresh fruit or frozen sorbet or gelato. Then it’ll be delicious and easy.

Don’t stress too much about the food. If he’s the right guy for you, he’ll the most delicious part of the meal is the the effort and the intention behind the meal.

Put lots of love in the soup as you’re stirring it. That’ll make it taste even better!

Bon appetit!



Energetically speaking, which topping goes best with a variety of ice cream flavors?

—B.A. (United States)


Well, I’d say follow your heart (and listen to your gut) on that one. Ha ha!

Personally, I love a combination of toppings—hot chocolate doused over vanilla-bean ice cream, caramel sauce drizzled over vanilla or any light-colored ice cream, fresh strawberries, and chopped peanuts or almonds for a little crunch. You can even throw on a little sesasonal garnish on top for fun—crumbled candy cane in December or a fresh mint leaf on St. Patty’s Day.

One man even brought me organic vanilla ice cream with bits of vanilla bean topped with a handful of glorious edible violets. It was one of the many things that made me fall in love with him.

Keep these thoughts in mind as you’re choosing:

Chocolate fudge: Rich, dense, and complex. A topping for someone who is willing to stop and savor life and appreciate the duality of hot on cold and its resulting interaction.

Caramel sauce: A topping for the adventurer who likes to mix up unexpected combinations—wasabi and mayo, black pepper in lemon cake, or even sweet and sour shrimp. A topping to sweeten the uncharted path!

Strawberries: Great for someone that can take the tart with the sweet as well as for nature lovers. Plus, that pop of red on top of ice cream always makes you feel just a little bit happier than you already were.

Chopped Nuts: Perfect for someone who loves texture and isn’t afraid of the grittiness of life. Great also for a grounded, earthy sensation. (Also, nuts are generally good for your health.) Chopped peanuts are great for the “boy/girl next door” type. If you’re a “health nut” (ha ha), try raw almonds, which help prevent cancer. For the gourmand, try some hazelnuts or macadamian nuts.

Sprinkles: For the fun, festive soul who likes variety and balloons and sparkles and parties. The energy of sprinkles is clear and defined, yet with an appreciation of the differences between people. People who love sprinkles tend to know how to receive joy from the little things in life.

Gummy bears: I am a little biased on this one because I am something of a gummy-bear purist. Although I certainly wouldn’t judge anyone who wants some soft, multicolored fun populating their ice-cream bowl. Perfect for the thorough sensualist who likes to savor each bite.

Whipped cream: You can have a lot of fun with this one. Need I say more?

Food is one of my favorite topics—something I could discuss at great length. (As you can probably tell.)

Thanks, B.A.! Happy eating!

(Readers, what toppings do you love and what energies do you associate with the different toppings?)

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