I just came back from a bodywork session and the practitioner did something where she’d ask me questions and then feel the resistance in my outstretched left arm for her answers. She told me a bunch of stuff and there were times during the session where the energy felt right, and I trusted her, and then she told me something that just doesn’t feel right.  I’m still open to the idea, and trying it on, but something about it feels off.

She somehow came up with the age 17 and asked me who during that age in my life, a man in my life, was very punishing, and I had the hardest time coming up with someone. The only person remotely close was my childhood close friend, Garth, who called me a lot for support, help, etc., whenever he was in some crisis, which was a lot. Anyway, according to this woman, I have, all these years been carrying around his punishing energy because of my empathy and wanting to help him…. I am having a hard time believing this, and wonder what you think of this. I have never heard this from anyone else before.

–Sara (New Zealand)


Congratulations on taking a look at these energies. Ultimately, the most important thing is learning to trust your divine knowingness, which will never let you down. The only thing is that sometimes it takes a while to differentiate between divine knowingness and other energies, including that of our ego or fears or resistance or whatever other energies we’re carrying, which can sometimes feel more real than our divine knowingness when we’re not in full alignment with spirit.

As you continue to look at this, a couple things to think about:

  • No healer or psychic is ever 100% accurate. Even the most gifted may have an off day or be influenced by unclear energies.
  • Sometimes we may not recognize certain energies within ourselves, for a little while or even for a lifetime. We may recognize them after we release the karma or release the energies or maybe get some time and distance from them, at which point we can see the energy more clearly. Sometimes there may even be a lot of energetic programming or energy in the way of us seeing various energies that have been in place for some time with good intention or not-entirely-conscious motivations such as hiding the energy so we won’t notice and so we’ll keep carrying them around so the other person doesn’t have to.

I recommend you ground out any punishment energy (and any other energies that no longer serve your highest good) and notice what comes out. Keep doing this over time and also keep filling yourself in with wholeness and validation and notice what you notice.

Enjoy the journey of exploration.

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