Why is it that some spirit guides are so unhelpful or not forthcoming with any information at all?  As a clairvoyant, have you ever noticed this?  And if so, why do some people have guides that are continually like this and others don’t?

–Befuddled (Canada)


Spirit guides, like people, each have their own unique way of communicating, which can vary according to the person they’re communicating with or with what’s called for in each situation. Also, they must communicate in a way that does not interfere with their person’s free will or highest good.

Sometimes they do not explicitly communicate about things because it might create expectations where their person blocks the upcoming miracle or situation if they are told about it in advance out of nervousness or fear or simply misinterpreting the communication because of their own mental or energetic filters.

All spirits guides do communicate in some way if you ask for communication. Often, they communicate to people through their dreams where the person’s conscious, analytical mind can’t get in the way quite as much. Also, spirit guides often communicate to people but their communications might get interpreted as “having a hunch” or “getting a good or bad feeling about something” or getting an inspiration or an idea about something. Thus the person is getting the communication even if they don’t consciously recognize that their spirit guide was helping them out.

Even when you do not realize it, you are getting communication from your spirit guides as well as the information they are conveying, even if it is not on a fully conscious level. Start by communicating more with your spirit guides and getting to know each better on a daily basis, and your friendship and working relationship and communication will develop even further.

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