What are some really good ways to strengthen our energy bodies?

–T.A. (England)

Dear T.A.:

Strengthening your energy body is just as important as maintaining your physical body. There are many components of the energy body and many ways, but some basics for starters include grounding, running your energy, and doing things that help strengthen and integrate your physical and energy bodies (yoga, tai chi and qi gong, acupuncture, as just a few examples). (If you want some free meditations on how to ground and run your energy, please email to request the free recordings and I will send them to you.)

Also, it’s very important to exercise your physical body as well. Some people that are interested in energy can sometimes focus all of their attention on their spirit or their energy bodies without providing proper exercise and movement for their physical bodies, but physical movement and care of the physical body (healthy nutrients and foods) are very important to the energy body as well.

Likewise, training your energy body can help with physical health and performance. That’s why it helps for athletes to imagine their energetic kinesthetic bodies training or going through a dance routine, or why it helps musicians if they practice on an “air piano” even when they’re not on a real piano, or why it helps someone who has been in an accident if they can imagine their bodies moving, practicing moving their energy bodies even when they cannot yet move their physical bodies. We are, after all, spirits in a physical plane.

Thanks for asking this important question.

Note: Readers, I invite you to send in your own questions. You may email them to or write them in the comments section.

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