What do you think about love spells and do they work?

–Wanting Love (Brazil)


Although love spells do work sometimes, I do not recommend them nor do I perform them for clients that come for energy work. Doing love spells can interfere with a person’s free will, pulling a person’s energy or influencing it in a way that I don’t believe is ethical. Also, doing a love spell on someone is, I believe, creating unwanted karma for yourself.

Instead of doing a love spell, perhaps you might want to ask the Universe to bring into your life the person who is of your divine right. Also, create the energy first for yourself of love and a loving relationship with yourself in order to create the optimal energy for a relationship that matches this love vibration to come into your life. And, of course, do the practical basics such as getting out into the world (even through the Internet on an online dating site if that feels right to you) where people can meet you and have the opportunity to fall in love with you.

Validate the love you have, including for yourself, and even more love will find you in divine time.

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