I am in high school and I guess I am popular but I’m a big fake. My whole life is fake. My parents are fake. My sister is fake. I’ve been into a couple of girls but mostly I’m not into girls. My parents will go ballistic if I try to tell them the truth. What can I do? I don’t want to be a big fake like my family.

—Scared Sh*tless (United States)


I congratulate you for your quest for living an authentic life. Many people, no matter what age, are “scared sh*tless” to be who they are in the world. Your asking this question means you have the courage and also the means to be REAL instead of fake.

No matter what your parents’ reaction is to your truth, honor yourself for being who you are and for taking steps to live your truth. This is a process and you are taking the first steps.

You might want to check out this website for some resources: There are many other resources online, so check those out as well.

Above all, know that you’re not alone. Many other people of all ages are on all different ranges in the spectrum of sexuality and this is just one aspect of who you are—like your hair color, your talents, your intelligence, etc. It is part of the unique recipe of what makes you the person you are. So keep getting to know who you are and celebrate all parts of your individuality and celebrate your courage to express your unique brand of authenticity in the world.

I applaud your courage and your walk of authenticity, my friend.

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