I’m having difficulties in stopping smoking. I’ve been a smoker all my adult life but I’ve been vaping for a few months (using an e-cigarette). However, lately I tend to fluctuate between vaping and having a few cigarettes a day when I’m tired, lonely or down.

I have identified that I smoke cigarettes by way of seeking comfort—to go unconscious for a few minutes in order to distract me from my feelings. In what ways can I go to myself for comfort as opposed to going to a cigarette? I hope I manage getting off the cigarettes and vaping in the long run for good.

—Desperately Seeking Comfort (Argentina)


Good awareness about your reasons for having smoked.

To comfort yourself, when you crave a cigarette, instead do some small thing that your body wants—do a nice stretch or have a healthy snack or take a whiff of one of your favorite essential oils. And consistently replace the ritual of smoking with whatever reward for your body you choose at trigger points of smoking—when you feel down or after dinner, or whenever you normally would have smoked.

Congratulations on taking care of and honoring your body and also for consciously changing old patterns. Good on you!



How do you break a bad habit?

–Wondering (United States)


Well, there are specific things according the specific type of bad habit, but I’ll just answer generally and you can ask another question about a specific habit if you want to.

With habits such as smoking or caffeine or sugar, for example, start with looking at the triggers that make you want to smoke or ingest caffeine or sugar. Smoking, caffeine, and sugar are all habits that pop you out of your body. Alcohol or drugs as well.

So when you’re starting to get in touch with the emotional or psychic pain you’re holding in your body, you may want to smoke or do other things to pop out of your body as a way to cope with the pain. Unfortunately, with habits like that, the pain is still in your body when you come back in, and so the energies you want to escape only get compounded.

So instead of reaching for a cigarette or other substance, notice the energies that make you want to pop out, sit with those energies a while and do any processing you need to, and give them space to eventually release.

Have fun ending any habits that don’t support your wellness and prosperity!

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