I have very low energy. What do you recommend?

–Tired (Canada)


First of all, check with your doctor to make sure there’s nothing going on physically that needs to be addressed.

In addition to avoiding the usual suspects (sugar, excess caffeine, etc.), you might want to try calling your energy back in its divine neutral form from every place you’ve left it (with other people, your workplace, projects, various places, the past, the future, etc.) and fill yourself (your body and your aura layers, the layers of energy surrounding your physical body) with your energy in its divine neutral form. It can be amazing how much of our energy we’ve got scattered all over the place and how different we can feel when we’ve reclaimed it for ourselves.

Also, make sure to give your body enough exercise every day. Even when you feel too tired, if you can manage to get your body moving for even half an hour or an hour every day, you’ll start to feel more and more energetic.

Have fun playing with that!



How do you break a bad habit?

–Wondering (United States)


Well, there are specific things according the specific type of bad habit, but I’ll just answer generally and you can ask another question about a specific habit if you want to.

With habits such as smoking or caffeine or sugar, for example, start with looking at the triggers that make you want to smoke or ingest caffeine or sugar. Smoking, caffeine, and sugar are all habits that pop you out of your body. Alcohol or drugs as well.

So when you’re starting to get in touch with the emotional or psychic pain you’re holding in your body, you may want to smoke or do other things to pop out of your body as a way to cope with the pain. Unfortunately, with habits like that, the pain is still in your body when you come back in, and so the energies you want to escape only get compounded.

So instead of reaching for a cigarette or other substance, notice the energies that make you want to pop out, sit with those energies a while and do any processing you need to, and give them space to eventually release.

Have fun ending any habits that don’t support your wellness and prosperity!

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