I’ve had healings and had amazing results and so I sent my husband to get a healing with this woman that really helped me, but he didn’t notice any changes. Why do some people heal and others don’t?

–Wondering (Canada)


That’s a great question. There are a number of possible reasons. Here are just a few of the common ones:

1)    Some modalities may work better for one individual or their particular condition at that time than for others.

2)    Sometimes different illnesses or conditions have teachings that a spirit has signed up for in this lifetime and the person may have not yet completed the lessons and is therefore not ready or willing as a spirit to finish the teaching of their condition.

3)    An individual’s beliefs may affect how much they can HAVE the healing. For example, some people can have just as powerful a remote, long-distance healing as an in-person healing, while another person may believe that a long-distance healing cannot be as effective, so they may not allow as much of the healing.

4)    Sometimes different energies, such as fear or resistance, can block an individual’s ability to heal at that time.

5)    With particular conditions, sometimes a healer has to start at a particular point that the individual may not be aware of and something has in fact changed, but the person did not notice or may not notice as the healing process can continue over as long as six months or longer. Sometimes, too, the physical body can only process a little of the healing at that time because processing all of it at once would be too much of a shock for the body.




I live in a building that has six condominiums and have been here for twelve years. I am fortunate to have a good relationship with our neighbors in each unit.

Here is the situation: The condo directly above my home is a rental unit. The landlord (who has owned this unit for about 35 years) refuses to invest any money into the upkeep of this unit. The windows are broken and held together with tape. All of the appliances are very old models while the dishwasher and the clothes washer are not usable. The furnace, hot-water heater, and the bathroom plumbing are all in very bad shape. The tenant has lived without hot water or a properly functioning toilet for extended periods of time. The wall-to-wall carpeting is smelly, greasy, and stained. In short, the whole apartment is a total eyesore.

The tenant of this unit is indifferent to the condo’s condition. He is content with his living situation because the monthly rent is cheap–a bargain in this high-rent town.

I have two questions: 1) Will this condo ever be sold to a new owner who will care for the property? If so, how soon? 2) Will the current tenant (a chain smoker who has lived there for about 11 years) ever move out? If so, how soon?

Living here has been a practice of tolerance and patience, and for that I am grateful. It would be wonderful to have a neighbor who cherished living in a beautiful home. Thank you for your insight!

–Leena in Paradise, USA


First of all, congratulations for recognizing the teachings of your situation.

As an intuitive who believes in the power of every individual to shift the energy of a situation, I never “predict” a particular outcome or timeline because every choice we make changes the future. Likewise, every time we shift the energy in ourselves and in each situation, we are shaping the future as well.

With this in mind, there are a few practical and energetic things you can do. You might want to start by contacting the Homeowners Association or Condo Association if there is one for your condominium. If they cannot assist you, you might want to contact the city and see what they can do. Some of the conditions of the unit above that you describe may not adhere to minimum-standard health codes.

As far as what you can do to energetically shift the situation, start by releasing any resistance to the current state of the unit above and to the tenant in it, and shift the energy to neutrality and, if you can, amusement.

Next, release any energetic matches you have to the property and to the current tenant and the tenant’s landlord. For example, one energetic match could be any resistance you have towards spending money on creating a living environment that is beautiful and supportive of you. Another energetic match could be resistance to the necessity of spending money to maintain anything on the physical plane (perhaps your own resistance to beautifying your place or spending money on making repairs to your place or even resistance to the landlord’s resistance to spending money on the adjoining unit, or also things like resistance to spending money on maintaining your body’s physical health such as not wanting to pay to see a dentist or to get your hair cut or to get new glasses). Just intend to release any matches and notice what energies come up for you.

Once you’ve released your energetic matches to the property upstairs and to its tenant and landlord, fill yourself up with havingness of beauty and a physical support system for your body, your home, and for your life. Validate the beauty of your own living space and start delighting and rejoicing in your living environment and even, as you pay bills to live in and maintain or improve your living space, pay them with joy and appreciation, validating the worth of the space you live in and validating your ability to pay for a beautiful space with a heart full of joy.

Finally, keep raising the vibration of your home and the space above it by validating your home and the unit above you. Shifting the vibration of your space and the space above you will shift the energy so that both the landlord and the tenant may either match that raised vibration or may want to make them leave that vibration, making space for a new landlord and tenant that can match that high vibration. A simple example of this is when one person paints their house or plants a nice flower garden, it inspires the other neighbors to do the same thing because it looks so beautiful.

Enjoy the journey and living in paradise!

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