I put on a lot of weight over the holidays, largely because of stress eating while spending Christmas and New Year’s with my parents and my brother and his family. How do I stop this and how do I lose the weight? Are there any energetic “tricks”?

–Stuffed (United States)


It is very common for people in the United States and some other countries to gain weight over the holidays as well as to stress eat. Overeating (particularly sugar or other processed foods) and excessive drinking (alcohol in particular but even too much caffeine can have a similar effect) can pop you out of your body, leaving you numb to whatever stresses you’re experiencing or to the issues that are getting lit up for you by being around your family.

I am sending you the free grounding exercises for you to do, which can help lose the excess weight. Also pay attention to any feelings (during the holiday or otherwise) that make you want to get the heck out of Dodge by overeating or overconsuming alcohol or even caffeinated drinks. When you feel like you want to pop out by overeating or overdrinking, it’s even more important to stay grounded so you can look at any release any energies pushing you out of full awareness so you can full enjoy being in a healthy body with choices that support your optimal health.

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